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There's life and love enough for us all to grow and mature into our best selves. Mama says grow. - Ama Chandra

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Beautiful (Ama Chandra Cover)

by India Arie

This India Arie tune has always spoken to the wondering side of my spirit. The part of me that longs to know deep truth and deep love. I recorded this cover not long after I was released from the hospital the second time. It was pretty special to me to be able to sing at all after my difficulty with breathing. I am excited to be able to share this with you as a free download. I hoe you can feel the spirit in which it was shared!
  1. Beautiful (Ama Chandra Cover)

Merging the mastery of Nina Simone with the appeal of India Arie, presence and connection are what you are left with. Heavily influenced by world rhythms and Jazz, Ama Chandra is a new type of soul Artist.

What I love about life most is the chance to experience new things every day. As a singer songwriter each experience of a song is personal and unique and I often approach songs with the emotions of the day. It gives an opportunity to experience it again as a new thing.”

— Ama Chandra