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Who is Ama Chandra?

“I am grown, I reserve the right to change my mind if I deem it necessary. My love is fierce and loyal. I am a truth seeker. Joy is my new default mood. Let's shine together.”

Ama Chandra was born in Tampa, Florida, and raised between Plant City and Lakeland, Florida. She’s been a resident of Baltimore, Maryland for the last 15 years and has spent time abroad in Salvador, Brazil.

Ama has a degree in Psychology, Sociology, Nursing and presently works as a nurse, along with being a professional singer, griot, activist, and mama of two.

“I need love. It has secured me for all my life . I’ve sang all my life. My grandma and mother have worked with little children. It’s in my blood line and something that’s called to me since I was child. I am a Warrior. Forever. Always. Never gonna change.”

What is Ama Chandra currently giving the world?

She Be Warrior

Ama has overcome the trials of a painful divorce, the struggle of multiple losses and having two premature babies (so grateful), the trauma of a violent attack and resulting PTSD, and the challenges of single motherhood and co-parenting in a blended family. It’s these life experiences that she brings to her She Be Warrior projects.

They are:

  • Red Moon Lodge
  • Solar Calendar Gatherings
  • Lunar Calendar Gatherings
  • Martial Art Kali/ Capoeira 
  • Gun range
  • Disaster Preparation

Music and Light

“Joy, Joyousness, Joyful, Jolly, Jammin, Juicy, JUICY, JAH!!!”

That’s the passion and bliss that Ama Chandra brings to her music. With influences of Jill Scott, India Arie, and Nina Simone, she infuses her sound with soul and warmth, vibrance and power.

As a Music Maker and a Light Bringer:

  • Kintsugi Sophomore Project
  • Mama Ama Circle Time - Story telling and emotional soundtracking
  • Fruition Experience

What does Ama Chandra wish to give the world?

“Medicine songs. I want people to have simple catchy sounds rhythms and messages that easily reset them to a place of love. Most people notice my tone and energy. It goes down easy. From babies to elders. Over the years I have employed my healing and sound for myself and others.

I Lead with Love. Another human striving to be whole. Chasing visions of victory for all of us.”